Dear Members of the TSNY Community,

We are well aware that the pandemic has not gone away. We are requiring that all staff, students, and spectators adhere to the following safety protocols while attending classes or visiting our space.

  • Wear a face covering (nose and mouth) at all times. All staff and students are required to wear a face covering when they are in the facility, with the exception of drinking water in designated places which are at least 6 feet away from any other people.

  • Use hand sanitizer often. All students and staff are required to use available hand sanitizer upon entering the rig, before and after touching any equipment, before and after adjusting their face covering, and any other time staff requests it.

  • Follow social distancing guidelines. We have marked our facility with separate spaces for each class, and separate seating areas for each households attending. Follow the one-way traffic arrows and stay within the guidelines of your designated area.

  • Cleaning equipment and communal areas. Our instructors wipe down most equipment and communal areas with disinfectant after each class.  Equipment that cannot be wiped down is either retired for at least 24 hours between classes, or is exposed to ultraviolet radiation from midday sunlight for at least one hour.

  • Smaller Classes. Our class sizes will be limited, and the pace of class will be slower so students and staff can maintain safe social distance.

  • Stay home if you are sick or if you have potentially been exposed. Staff will ask everyone upon arrival if they have been experiencing any symptoms, and anyone with symptoms will be asked to leave.  Please email the office at laoffice@trapezeschool.com if you need to reschedule due to illness or exposure.

    • If you contact the office regarding a potential illness-related cancellation less than 72 hours before the session, your case will be evaluated for eligibility for a full refund or reschedule by the management team.
    • If a cancellation is deemed to be illness-related, the student(s) will be prohibited from signing up for any sessions for 2 weeks.

  • Staff members must stay home when sick or if notified of potential exposure. Staff are required to self-monitor for symptoms of coronavirus and take their temperature before coming to work. We require all staff to get tested for coronavirus if they have been exposed or are experiencing any symptoms, and they must test negative before returning to work.

  • Contact Tracing for all attendees. To comply with State requirements for contact tracing, we collect names and contact information for every individual who enters our facility.

  • Holiday parties or celebrations. Due to current COVID restrictions TSNY Los Angeles will not be hosting any holiday parties or celebrations.  If a group of 7, including people just watching, would like to buy out a class that is allowed, but a strict 7 person limit is in place.  One adult is welcome to supervise children under 13 years old.  Any additional people, including siblings, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and friends will need to be seated in the visitors’ area, away from the students.

TSNY continues to closely monitor updates and follow the guidelines put in place by Federal, State, and City government and health departments.

We are committed to keeping the rig a safe and healthy place for our flying family. We recognize that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, both physically and mentally, during stressful times like these, and will continue to be there for our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding.