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TSNY on Sex and the City

Sex and the City shot part of episode #82, "The Catch," at TSNY New York this summer. Visit HBO's site for a synopsis of the episode and a photo of our very own Paul Cannon (a.k.a. Drew) in the catch trap for Carrie's knee hang. If you get a chance to see the episode again, look out for Brian on the board and Dana on the fly bar.


"I could never! I have the most terrible fear of heights!" -Charlotte

"Well, I do not... you've seen my shoes." -Carrie


The Sex & the City episode has generated unprecedented interest in the flying trapeze all over the country. The LA Times reports that Sarah Jessica Parker's 2003 flight on the TSNY rig is credited for the surging interest in our sport.

Several publications have run articles related to the shoot, including:

Caught by TSNY