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About the School - Safety

We make your safety our number one priority. We use state of the art equipment and procedures to assure the safety of our clients from the time they walk into the school.

Our home city of New York sets the highest in safety standards. Trapeze School New York has not only met, but in all cases exceeded the expectations put forth by the city. Our equipment has been engineered and approved by one of New York’s most prestigious engineering firms (FTL Engineering).

Through continued adherence to these high standards, TSNY Los Angeles ensures the continued respect and support from Santa Monica and its communities.

We use a fully-rated spotting system for the ladder, and a double spotting system with safe, comfortable belts to protect you when you fly. Our soft stretchy net always assures a nice landing.

Students are continually trained on safety for themselves as well as for their classmates.

Keep in mind that scrapes and blisters are a part of any sport and no less a part of ours. We work closely with local care services to ensure efficient action should a serious emergency arise.

Help us by taking the time to fully complete the registration and let us know if you have any special conditions that may affect your safe participation in our program.