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Trampoline Classes

Trampoline Classes

We have an above-ground trampoline with a rebounding bed that can allow students to learn the fundamentals of body awareness and train for somersaults and twisting skills. Techniques learned on trampoline are directly applicable to ANY aerial or gymnastic pursuit, whether it is simply strengthening core muscles or developing the timing and spotting skills necessary to catch your double on the flying trapeze.

Class Format

Classes are available as group sessions of 60 or 90 minutes with up to four students per class. Class time may be shortened with fewer participants as appropriate for number of participants and physical ability. Private classes can also be booked, starting at $80 for one person for one hour (call TSNY office to make arrangements).

Class levels

Currently, we offer Trampoline classes with the designations of all levels, beginner, level 2, Intermediate and Intensive. Advanced level classes will be added as necessary. Unless a level is designated in the title of the class it is open to all students and each student will have the opportunity to train at their individual skill level.

Please remember: Your trampoline level is different from your flying level. For example: It may be possible to be a level 2 flyer and a Beginning trampoline student. Please email us at lainfo@trapezeschool.com if you have any questions about your trampoline level or eligibility to take a specific class with us.

Beginner classes
This class is designed for anyone interested in learning the trampoline. Basic skills will be learned as well as a focus on aerial awareness and form. Students from our flying program who wish to Swing Out of Lines are required to master all the skills at this level. A detailed description of skills covered at this level (and all others) may be obtained from your instructor and is available in the "TSNY Curriculum Log book".

Level 2 classes
These classes will build on the beginner skills and students from our flying program who wish to begin to take tricks Out of Lines must master all of the skills at this level. You must be a designated L2 or higher trampoline student to enroll in this class or recieve prior approval from a TSNY instructor. Skills such as back drops and cradles will be emphasized and taught in these classes.

Intermediate classes
Our intermediate classes will continue to build aerial awareness and skill. You must be designated an intermediate trampoline students to enroll in one of these classes unless prior approval from the instructor has been obtained. Skills such as turntables, barrel rolls and back pull overs will be taught in these classes.

Intensive classes
Our Intensive trampoline classes are longer classes with a smaller student body to give each student more indepth instruction. All levels are elegible to enroll in this class although previous trampoline experience is strongly encouraged. Please email us at lainfo@trapezeschool.com if you have any questions about your ability or eligibility to take this class with us.

What You'll Do in Class

In addition to trampoline practice time, classes include an active warm up with stretching, strength conditioning, and flexibility training. Tips and strategies for continuing your training at home will also be provided. Regardless of your background, you'll be able to learn at your own pace and interest level.

Beginners will focus on developing core strength, establishing proper body alignment, and increasing proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness (knowing what's going on while flying through the air). These skills are applicable not only to advancement on the trampoline, but are also requisites for any aerial sport.

More advanced students will progress to more difficult skills, including multiple twisting somersaults and stringing together combinations of skills.

How to Prepare for Class

No jewelry, sunglasses, hats, or street clothes are worn on the trampoline. Only proper gym attire (snug fitting shirt and shorts or tights) will be permitted. Students must wear socks or special gym slippers.

We recommend that you begin taking our trampoline classes once you have attained Level 2 status. Trampoline classes are required to advance to the next level of flying and become an intermediate student.

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