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Flying Trapeze - Beginner Level

Beginning Level Flying Trapeze

There are a lot of cool and challenging things to learn as a beginner. The really nice thing is that you get to have all the excitement of flying without driving yourself crazy with expectations. We want you to take your time getting used to the flying trapeze and learn as much as you can about the basic skills, language and rigging before pushing for the big tricks. Building a solid foundation will perhaps be less showy, but ultimately make you a much better flyer and, if you wish, performer.

Basic Skills

As a beginner, you will work on getting a really nice take off, basic knee hang, splits, planche and whip (all fun tricks you can throw to the catcher). You'll also begin learning the basics of building your swing for higher tricks.

At the end of every flight, you'll need to practice falling safely in the net. Your instructor will have you in lines at all times, but your ability to fall with skill and grace will go a long way to building confidence in your flying.

Beginner classes are a time to strengthen your body, learn basics, build trust with the instructors and make connections with other flyers. The atmosphere is often more relaxed than the higher-level classes and therefore is a popular choice for casual flyers. We look forward to teaching you skills that will create a strong foundation for flying and also translate nicely into other parts of your life.

What to Wear

Although the net is soft to land in, it can be a little rough on exposed knees, shoulders and toes. Also remember that you'll be wearing a safety belt over your shirt and you'll be hooking your knees over the bar, so it's best to wear clothes that fit snugly so they don't get in your way. Tights, yoga pants or snug sweat pants always work well, and shirts with sleeves (even very short ones) are a good idea. Bring a pair of socks or light slippers to wear while you're flying, and sandals or flip flops to wear between turns. On hot days, you should also bring a towel. If you have long hair, put it up with a rubber band (not plastic hair clips).