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Intensive Flying Workshop

What is the Intensive Flying Workshop?

The intensive flying workshop (IFW) is a 10-week course focused on improving the individual student's core flying trapeze skills. Each class meets on a regularly scheduled day and time (e.g. every Saturday from 10:45 am – 12:45 pm).

Classes are 120 minutes in duration with 10 students.

See the Announcements page for our current schedule and prices.

During the first class, the student and a TSNY instructor will work together to develop a curriculum specifically tailored to each student's skill level and needs. The curriculum will address core skills the student needs to develop as well as focus on other skills and goals the student is interested in reaching during the program (e.g. learning a layout, being able to take off by oneself, learning a return off the catcher, learning a swing).

Learning Environment

To facilitate the best learning environment, we do our best to ensure that the same instructors are present throughout the workshop -- providing a more personal way of teaching, improving the consistency of communication, and resulting in better evaluations of the student's progression. In addition, the instructors will heavily utilize digital video recording technology to review and analyze your flying with you–as soon as you come down from the net we will review a video of your flying and make suggestions to significantly increase your learning curve.

Course Materials Provided by TSNY

(1) Skill Set and Trick Sheet

(2) Strengthening Exercises

Student Flying Trapeze Show

The culmination of the class experience will be a Flying Trapeze show in which all of the students in the Intensive Flying Trapeze Workshops will participate. You can invite your friends and family to come for free to the event and watch you "fly through the air with the greatest of ease." The show is scheduled within a week after the final class in the workshop series. The exact date and time is posted in the IFW description on the Announcement page.

Workshop Structure

Week 1: Develop individual student course curriculum
Week 2 – 5: Students and instructors work together to achieve initial goals
Week 6: Re-evaluate goals and re-set curriculum where necessary (upwards or downwards)
Week 7 – 10: Focus on achieving revised goals
Week 11: Student Flying Trapeze Show
Show off your skills to your friends and family.

Reservations, Refunds & Cancellations

Reservations are first-come, first serve. The entire workshop fee must be paid in advance.

If for any reason there are less than 8 students registered for a workshop, TSNY reserves the right to cancel the scheduled workshop.

If TSNY cancels a workshop, registrants will receive a refund. All other reservations are nonrefundable.

The 72-hour cancellation/refund policy for regular classes does not apply to the intensive workshops.

If You Have to Miss a Class…

If you cannot attend a class, and if TSNY is running multiple workshops, you may swap or sell your class spot with a student in another TSNY IFW. To facilitate this process, we have set up a Yahoo! trapeze group that will allow students to quickly email their fellow students regarding class openings. The Yahoo! group address is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/TSNY-IFW-LA/. Simply post a message on the board with the date and time of the class you need to miss and with any luck, another student will be able to either: (1) swap a class with you or (2) pay you for the class directly and take your place. Neither TSNY nor its staff will be involved in these transactions. It is up to each individual student to either swap a class with another student or to find someone else to take their place — any class not taken is forfeited and there are no refunds. When responding to a posting please do so directly to the individual who made the posting (e.g. to their email address or telephone number) and arrange with them directly for the class swap and/or payment.