Flying Trapeze Workshops
The Intensive Flying Workshop (IFW) is a two to three month course focused on improving the individual student's core flying trapeze skills. The classes meet on a regularly scheduled day and time (e.g., every Tuesday from 7:00 to 9:00 pm). During the first class, instructors develop a curriculum specifically tailored to each student's skill level and needs. The curriculum will address core skills as well as focus on other skills and goals the student is interested in reaching during the program. Workshops are a great place to work towards your long term goals – such as learning a layout, taking off the platform unassisted, returning off the catcher; and of course finding the balance point between pushing yourself towards those goals while having fun!

To facilitate the best learning environment, we do our best to ensure that the same instructors are present throughout the workshop — providing a more personal way of teaching, improving the consistency of the communication, and resulting in better evaluations of the student's progression. In addition, the instructors may utilize digital video recording technology to review and analyze your flying with you – as soon as you come down from the net we will review a video of your flying and make suggestions to significantly increase your learning curve (not available at all locations).

The culmination of the workshop will be a Flying Trapeze show in which all the students in the IFW participate. You can invite your friends and family to come for free to the event and watch you "fly through the air with the greatest of ease".

A variety of other types of flying trapeze workshops are available, to better serve our range of students. Mini-IFWs run for five weeks and offer the same great benefits of focused training with the same group of people, but do not include a performance. Express-IFWs and Ultra-IFWs run for a shorter or longer time frame than our typical two hour class. Level 2+ IFWs are offered for flyers who are working on advanced flying skills. Any of these workshops might incorporate a specific focus or theme, such as all catching classes that offer more catching than the traditional 2 rounds, no-catch classes that focus on core flying skills and swing timing, classes that incorporate trampoline and conditioning as part of the flying circuit, and more. Check the class schedule or check with the office for current availability.

Aerial Workshops
Intensive Aerial Workshops focus on a specific aerial apparatus and have an emphasis on act creation. You can expect to learn new skills and transitions, and condition to build the strength and endurance needed to perform. As students advance, they will experiment with sequencing and musicality, and work with their instructor to choreograph an aerial act for a student show! Check the class schedule or check with the office for current availability.

Reservation and Payment Info
Reservations are first-come, first served. For workshops that are 11 or more weeks, at least 50% of the workshop fee must be paid upon signup and the remaining balance must be paid no later than the fourth session. Workshops that are 10 weeks or less must be paid in full in advance.

If for any reason the workshops is less than 70% full, TSNY reserves the right to cancel the scheduled workshop. If TSNY cancels a workshop, registrants will receive a refund. All other reservations are nonrefundable. The 72-hour cancellation/refund policy for regular classes does not apply to the intensive workshops.

Policy for Missed Workshop Sessions
You are allotted one make-up for every five weeks of a workshop (excluding the show), so a student enrolled in a ten week IFW may take up to two make-ups. Make-ups are not transferable to another student.

Step 1: Tell the office
You must tell the office about the session you will miss at least 3 days prior in order for you to be able to make up your class. If you inform the office less than 3 days before your class, you do not qualify for a make-up class.

Step 2: Sign up for your make-up class
The make-up class must occur between the first workshop session and up to 2 weeks after the show. You can fill an empty Level 2 slot in a workshop running concurrently with yours; you can sign up anytime for this type. Or you may join a regular flying trapeze or specialty class (excluding all-catching class or ultra class), but you can't sign up until 1 day before the class begins. To sign up for your make-up online, select "gift certificate" as method of payment and enter "IFW make-up for mm/dd/yy" in the pop-up box. If you sign up for a make-up class and then don't show up, it still counts as one of your make-up classes.