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Community Announcements

Below are listed various notices from the school that you should be aware of. Check this for news and other important information. As always, to keep up to date with TSNY Los Angeles, don’t forget to sign up for our email list.


  1. Lauren

    Lauren began her trapeze career as a young flyer in a camp in upstate California. She trained and worked at TSNY:NYC and club med before joining us here at TSNY: LA
  2. Colin

    Colin is a diving coach for USC and joined our team as a trampoline coach and then moved to trapeze.
  3. Kenna

    Kenna is an overtly proud New Mexican who started flying in 2009. As a former gymnast she picked up certain skills very quickly and soon joined the TSNY team. Since then she has taken on many challenges at TSNY but her favorite is instructing with heart and humor.
  4. Damian

    Damian started his flying at TSNY and has been training here and anywhere there is a rig ever since. He started working here in September while he continues to audition for TV/Film and commercials.
  5. Christina

    Christina's passion for dance and love for pilates quickly turned into an addiction to flying. She's currently answering your calls and responding to your emails but watch out...she'll be on the rig soon enough!.
  6. Sam

    Sam stowed away on this ship pretty early in life, flying as a student for a year then joining as a photographer at 14. When she's not flying or working she goes to a performing arts high school where she gets a grade for her circus antics.
  7. Katrina

    (Katrina has promised to take her photo soon, but until then, this is her younger brother Dean who also works here.) Katrina started as a student at our school around 8 years ago and joined staff a few years later. Though Katrina started her journey in the flying trapeze world, she mostly sticks to aerial arts now.
  8. Alex

    Alex comes from a long line of circus performers. Having literally grown up with a rig in his back yard, he was a great choice for TSNY LA's Instructor trainer.
  9. Robyn

    Robyn joined the TSNY as an aerial student and soon became a member of our team. Along with all the aerial arts Robyn is also a dancer and DJ.
  10. Dean

    Dean has been a member of the TSNY:LA family since we opened in 2008. His trapeze travels took him to the East coast where he met his now wife... while coaching a trapeze class.
  11. Ruth

    Ruth joined our crew in the summer of 2014 already well versed in Flying and Static Trapeze. Her love for the aerial arts plus her laughter fill the school with so much joy and happiness. Ruth is proof that spending every day of your life on a trapeze is an amazing thing.
  12. Lisa

    Lisa became a student with TSNY LA in the spring of 2013 and then quickly joined our team. She is one of the perkiest board coaches we have (you won't need coffee if Lisa is teaching your morning class).
  13. Laura B.

    Laura began her story with TSNY at our Beantown/Boston location. After moving to Los Angeles she decided to share her love for the art and began working at TSNY in early 2013.
  14. Laurie

    Laurie was a long time student with TSNY. In the spring of 2014 she was brought on as part of the team and has since inspired many students and staff to work towards their goals.
  15. Blaine

    Blaine is a lead instructor, a catcher, a lines puller, as well as a pretty great guy. Blaine has been working for TSNY since late 2012 and began his life in the aerial arts at the Redlands YMCA circus.