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Trapeze Parties at TSNY

Whether you are looking for a small party or an extravaganza, TSNY is here to meet your needs.

For more information, contact us at (310) 394-5800 or laoffice@trapezeschool.com. You can also visit our FAQ page to learn about what to wear, safety, and waivers (which are required for every participant). Children under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian sign their waiver.

Bring Your Own Party: 10 or fewer people

If you have 10 or fewer people, this could be the easiest party solution for you. Simply book an entire class using our online class sign up and get ready for an amazing flying trapeze experience. We will supply the fun and you bring your own party supplies -- decorations, cake, and other goodies. You get our standard 2-hour flying trapeze class, plus we will supply tables for the extras you bring. This type of party is especially popular for small birthday or bachelorette parties.

Build a Party: 11-20 people

If you have 11-20 people, this may be the party for you. Call the number above to book a 2-hour class at the standard per person rate, and add activities from the "Additional Activities" list below for an additional $325 per activity. This will keep all of your guests thoroughly entertained between their turns on the flying trapeze.

Large Parties: 21 or more people

This is our most popular format for Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16 parties, and large birthday parties for 21 or more people. Here we go all out, giving you one activity for every 10 participants, party decorations, music, and all the table and chairs you need. All of the activities and extras you can choose from are listed below. These parties generally run 2.5 to 4 hours long, depending on how many participants you have. You can bring in your own catering or we can help you make arrangements. To be sure to get the date and time you want, book early! Call us at (310) 394-5800 to make the arrangements, or send an email with details to laoffice@trapezeschool.com and we will call you back.

Weather Policy

For parties of 20 or fewer people: Because we never know what Mother Nature is going to do, we do try to hold all parties and classes as scheduled, regardless of the forecast. If we decide that the weather may not let up, we may put the party on Weather Warning. A Weather Warning status would be issued no more than 2 hours before the party is scheduled to begin. If your class is put on weather warning, you have the option to wait it out, or to reschedule your party for another date.

For parties of 21 or more people: We will provide a rain date for your event, should your event be cancelled by TSNY due to weather. This rain date will occur at least 2 weeks later than the originally scheduled date, depending upon availability. The exact date and time for the rain date will be specified in your event contract.

Party Activities & Services

  • The Art of Flying

    Groups will receive the following instruction for the flying trapeze:

    • Safety on the rig (required for all who will fly)
    • Ground schooling on the basic skill components
    • Flying knee-hang and back flip dismount
    • Additional flying skills, if appropriate, for the more advanced

    TSNY will provide all safety equipment, disposable items (tape, chalk etc), staffing and instruction for this amazing high-flying adventure. By far the coolest part of everyone's day!

  • Additional Activities

    • Trampoline
      This is among our most popular activities at TSNY. Our expert instructors will carefully guide you through movements that match your ability and take you just a little bit further. Progress through the more advanced tricks is facilitated by safety lines you can even try a flip!
    • Sword Play
      With foam swords, teams of five square off to battle each other! Release your inner Knight with our fun foam boffer swords! Score points and eliminate opponents by knocking off their limbs Monty python style. Battle cries galore!
    • Juggling
      Balls, Beanbags, Clubs, Scarves, Diablo and Spinning Plates are all used to teach hand eye coordination. We teach a basic cascade pattern and beyond. Beanbags and scarves are easy while the more advanced and more coordinated participants learn ball and club juggling, plate spinning, and, well, anything's possible!
    • Aerial Silks
      Silks are among the most artistic and beautiful of the aerial art forms. We will teach you some basic moves that will make you look like an expert performer. You will amaze yourself and your colleagues.
    • Hula Hoop
      Few things symbolize simple times like the Hula Hoop. This ingeniously simple activity captures the rhythm of our playful nature and gets everyone joining in the groove as they start swinging their hips with that rattle and roll. We'll show novice and pro alike how to work up some impressive moves and maybe even perform your very own synchronized Hula Hoopla.
    • Stilts
      Want to stand out among your friends and walk tall! This is the activity for you. You'll be taught to balance and walk in a pair of stilts.
    • Acrobatics and Hand Balancing
      Work with an expert instructor learn how to balance yourself and your friends in intriguing and unusual positions that will stretch your muscles and your imagination.
  • Additional Services Available

    • Flying Trapeze & Aerial Show
      Thrill your group with a 15-20 minute Aerial Show Extravaganza by our fantastic staff featuring their incredible high-flying tricks and catches.
    • The TSNY Challenge Game
      If you want a little competition, teams can vie against each other in a variety of activities -- Jugglers, Rope Climbers, Stilt Walkers and Flyers -- in a scored game to cheer participants to their greatest level of skill and dexterity. We'll award team prizes as well as individual prizes for those most likely to run away and join the circus!
    • Catering
      Complete your event with a catered lunch/dinner or hors d'oeuvres & drinks while observing a trapeze class, or while watching a trapeze show. We will help you make the arrangements and we can arrange tables and chairs. Small snacks and water are supplied at no extra cost as part of your event.
    • TSNY Los Angeles Apparel
      Buy TSNY Los Angeles T-shirts, sweatshirts and yoga pants in our retail center.
    • Photography and Videography
      We can have photographers on site to capture the excitement of the day and we can arrange a professional videographer to make custom DVDs of your event.
    • Decorations and Promotional Materials
      We can arrange a full range of decorating options, and we can also arrange to have your group's logo banner on our trapeze floor under the rig or hang banners promoting your company or organization.
  • Pricing

    Pricing is done on a per-person basis and includes gratuity for parties over 20. Contact us at (310) 394-5800 or laoffice@trapezeschool.com for a customized proposal.

    For large parties (21 or more), all prices include:

    • Program design and delivery
    • One activity for every 10 people
    • Up to 25 trainers to facilitate the program
    • All specialized equipment
    • Water and snack bars

    Prices do not include:

    • Participants' travel to and from the location
    • Food & beverages (except water and snack bars)
    • Additional services (see above)

A Note about Our Programs

All TSNY Los Angeles programs are designed to be challenging and enjoyable. There is no right way to succeed or have fun. Safety demands that all participants pay careful attention to the rules of the school and any instruction our staff may offer.

Our Staff

TSNY Los Angeles staff members come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences. Our staff strives to provide your group with the best athletic, acrobatic, team building, fear conquering and personal growth experiences. We draw upon our skills and expertise to bring you a memorable event.