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Health and Wellness

At the heart of our School’s motivation is a desire for greater health: physically, mentally and spiritually. The Flying Trapeze is a wonderful tool for learning and practicing many vital elements of health and wellness. Conditioning, body awareness, timing, trust, relaxation, and a belief in one’s ability to do more than one imagined, are just a few of the benefits of flying.

Many of our clients, inspired by the joy and challenge of flying, set a new course of commitment to health and happiness in their lives. Often, our students describe improvement in focus, self-esteem, strength, mood, patience, empowerment, sleep patterns, and weight loss.

Added benefit comes from the community spirit shared by our students. Sharing a passion for something magical inevitably brings people closer and lifts their spirits.

Classes in static trapeze, Spanish web, trampoline (when available) and silks are great for building overall strength and coordination. They are also invaluable for learning improved technique and form.

There are many activities that serve as excellent cross-training for flying and other acrobatics. Anusara Yoga and rock climbing are excellent core strengtheners and are wonderful for helping you achieve the balance and flexibility central to masterful flying. Check out our links page for ideas on other activities that will benefit your health and your flying.